TNA’s Hulk Hogan Criticizes The Rock’s WWE Return In New Interview

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During an interview with Peter Rosenberg, Hulk Hogan criticized WWE’s handling of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to WWE last week on Raw.

“They’ve spent so much time building John Cena up. There’s a way to really build somebody up, but all of a sudden within three or four seconds, he had the whole arena screaming that Cena sucks,” Hogan said.

“Sometimes I don’t understand the philosophy. John Cena is going to be there all the time. Even though The Rock said he’s back, he’s only back for one day. He’s not going to be there wrestling every single day like John Cena is, really holding it down and really keeping it real. All that stuff is scripted. They had Stephanie McMahon and the writers telling The Rock exactly what to say. I just didn’t understand why they would want to destroy Cena so quickly.”

Hogan said he has undergone eight back surgeries in the past year. Though he wears a brace, he’s now pain free. He noted that he will be on hand for tonight’s iMPACT! taping in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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  1. Derek says:

    So the world’s greatest wrestling political strategist (Hogan) and I think the same way about Rock burying/feuding with Cena. While I don’t care for Cena, it does nobody any good to split the audience and have half the crowd thinking their #1 guy in the company is a loser. After WM the Rock will be off to Hollywood and Cena will be wrestling 300 days a year. I love how Rock said “I’m back” and gets peoples hopes up, only to make 4 appearances tops and run back to his glamourous life. What an F’n piece of work that guy is. Worse yet however is the fact that WWE either put him up to it or allowed it.

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