Tonight: WWE RAW Live Call-In Show: 2/21/11 Hype, McMahon Announcement

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Last night, Derek and I (Mike Norway) taped our very first live radio call-in broadcast for as far as WWE RAW goes, recapping everything that went down on the show last night, including the new 2/21/11 vignette, disappointment from callers that Sting likely isn’t returning to WWE, Kurt Angle possibly leaving TNA and jumping ship to WWE, the possibility of Aaron Rodgers appearing on SmackDown tonight from Green Bay, the WWE brand split and random stars from the other show appearing on the other show, and lots more. Listen to the 110 minute podcast by checking it out below.

In addition, we talked to our very vocal call-in listeners about the latest wrestling news and rumors in what was a relatively entertaining 110 minute show.

Derek and I will be back every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sundays following RAW, TNA iMPACT!, SmackDown and pay-per-views, respectively, talking about what just happened on the show that aired before our radio show, the latest WWE and TNA rumors, and answering questions and comments with our listeners. For those of you who want to listen live and participate in the show when we return on Monday, log on to minutes before RAW, iMPACT!, SmackDown and PPVs to get the link to the live broadcast where you will be able to listen live and call-in to to the show and talk to the hosts.

In addition, for those you who have comments and/or suggestions for future segments for future installments, go ahead and email us at and it could be a possibility. Please do enjoy, and if you enjoy it, please go ahead and join us live this Thursday after iMPACT!

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