Top Ten Masked Wrestlers In History, Promotional Video For WWE Night Of Champions

  • Share has posted a video ranking the top ten masked wrestlers in history. Those profiled include Sin Cara, Psychosis, Vader, Jushin Liger, Tiger Mask, Ultimo Dragon, Mil Mascaras, Mankind, Rey Mysterio and Kane.

Tyler Reks stated on Twitter that he’s working this weekend’s Raw house show loop in the East Coast. He last competed on April 23, days before he was drafted to Raw via the 2011 WWE Draft.

WWE has released the promotional video for Night of Champions, which takes place September 18, 2011 at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, New York.

18 Responses to “Top Ten Masked Wrestlers In History, Promotional Video For WWE Night Of Champions”

  1. Rick says:

    This top ten list of masked wrestlers is the wort top 10 list that I have every seen. Where is the Assassin, Mr. Wrestling I, Mr. Wrestling II, The Spoiler,The Masked Superstar, Dr. X, etc. Hell, even the Yellow Dog and Stagger Lee are better than some on the list.

    • Jerry Wiseman says:

      Rey has showed his face, hell I took pictures of him without his mask same with Vader. To call Mankind a masked wrestler is tantamount to calling Paris Hilton an actress so that should not count and Foley has showed his face before and after that character. Mil Mascaras used to shower with his mask on to protect his identity.

    • Yeah!!!!! Where is the Destroyer ??? Does anybody remember the Destroyer ???

  2. Snaker Mosenene says:

    Ray once show his face

  3. Captainbonesaw says:

    yeah worst top ten list of all time…i can rattle of 15 that never removed the mask that were phenominal at their craft…WHAT the hell, Blue Blazer where is he. or the patriot from wcw days, or hell abyss for that matter. Or even demolition face paints still a mask right?

    • Djlewis13 says:

      Blue Blazer was Owen Hart and everyone knew that. Patriot took his mask of in WCW. Abyss was maskless before TNA.

  4. Joe Turner says:

    Where is Thunderfoot? Golddust?

  5. Joe Turner says:

    Where is Thunderfoot? Golddust? Sting?

  6. Masked Rider says:


  7. Masked Rider says:

    As I was going to say Mankind you could still see that he was Mick Foley. Like others said Rey was unmasked for a year. And Kane, well his mask came off too

  8. Lestatelvampyr says:

    What a stupid list!
    Any top ten list about masked wrestlers that never showed there face would should always include 1) El Santo and 2) Blue Demon.
    If you dont know who they are then you dont know wrestling!

  9. Privhennessy says:

    mankind and kane both came out without a mask already

  10. Kerst1 says:

    No Masked SuperStar? No MidNight Rider? 

  11. Dljfhjk says:

    Video is dead.

  12. Ken says:

    Funny how people dont think of the wrestlers of the past, Hell people still think Hogan and Andre the Giant first Body Slammed each other the first time in WWWF or WWF but it wasnt that happened in Los Angeles at the Olympic Auditorium about mid 1970s  long time before Vinny tried to kill local Wrestling all over The US and Canada

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