Trailer For Sting’s New Christian Movie ‘The Encounter’

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Sting stars in a new Christian movie called “The Encounter” that was released earlier this month on DVD. He told The Baltimore Sun the following about the movie:

“It’s about five people traveling down a road, and due to weather they all get stuck. They end up at a diner, which maybe one or two of them saw, and the rest of them never did. They go into the diner and have an encounter with a guy named Jesus, who actually ends up being Jesus Christ. He meets each one of us where we are in our lives. We’re all then forced with a choice to make, to either accept him or not. It really covers pretty much every walk – every person who has that choice.” Below is the trailer:

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  1. Williamsmichele95 says:

    this movie was awesome..deep moments that make you really think and an ending you wont believe.

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