Triple H Defends WWE’s Use Of Twitter, Defines Relationship With The Rock As ‘Unique’

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In an interview with “The Morning Buzz,” Triple H explained why the WWE is constantly promoting social media on their television programming as of late, admitting that the company is just adapting to the changing world.

“You have to be at the cutting edge of that technology all the time. Kids today, they don’t watch TV like they did before. TV is almost a background device now. They’re on their phones, on their laptop, on their ipod, so that social media stuff becomes so important. Twitter and YouTube and Facebook are all just avenues to keep people involved in your product,” he said.

During the interview, Hunter defined his relationship with The Rock as being “unique” and admitted that there is always some tension between the two of them. “We had such a professional rivalry, no matter what we did, it’s like screw him, I can do better than that,” he said.