Triple H Makes WWE In-Ring Promo Return, Avenges Sheamus

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With Wrestlemania a little more than a month away, WWE Monday Night RAW started off with the man who made his triumphant return last week on Raw. That man is Triple H and he has his WWWater Bottle for the most electrifying expectoration in Sports Entertainment. We have the graphic for the Undertaker versus Triple H match at Wrestlemania (ten years in the making).

Hunter takes a moment to soak in the applause. He says that it is good to see everyone too. He says that they say the true test of a man’s mettle is the test of time. He says that he has done everything there is to do in the WWE. Every accolade, every championship. He defined the Elimination Chamber and Hell in a Cell. He is a thirteen time WWE Champion. He mentions that he started Degeneration X with Shawn Michaels. With Ric Flair, he started Evolution. He says that he has been hated and he has been loved. He has defeated Icons, legends, immortals. He has done it all in his sixteen years. He says that it seems like yesterday. He has seen them all come and go. Hunter says that he has outlasted them all. . .

Except for one. The Deadman. The Phenom. The Undertaker. Hunter says that he heard Taker referred to as the ‘Last Outlaw’. There are two. He says that they are more alike than Taker would think. Hunter says that there are no more challenges left in the locker room. There are no big tests in front of them. There is only one thing that stands before them. For Taker, it is the streak and he goes year to year. It is what keeps Taker going. When Taker looks around the locker room, Hunter is the only true challenge he has left.

Hunter says that the only true challenge he has is ending the streak. He says that is the only thing standing between them. It will happen at Wrestlemania 27. The biggest event in history. Hunter looks at the sign and he tells the Deadman that they will define an era. The iconic, immortal, legendary, the last two will meet. On that night, nothing else will matter. There can be only one.

Hunter tells Taker that when the streak dies, Taker dies. Hunter says that he only has one thing left and it is the streak. Hunter says that he will die trying to end the streak. Hunter poses on the turnbuckles, but he is stopped by the man who put Hunter on the shelf for almost a year.

At that point, Sheamus comes to the ring. Hunter kicks Sheamus as he enters the ring. Hunter throws Sheamus over the top rope to the floor and then he sends Sheamus into the ringside barrier. Hunter punches Sheamus and then he sends Sheamus into the ring post. Hunter clotheslines Sheamus into the ring announcer/ring bell cubicle. Hunter puts Sheamus on the announce table and rearranges it. Hunter gets Sheamus set for the Pedigree and after pointing at the Wrestlemania sign one more time, Hunter hits the Pedigree and the table collapses like Sheamus’s status.

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