Triple H Says His WWE In-Ring Career Is No Longer A Challenge, Hunter On G4

  • Share is featuring an interview with Triple H talking about the release of WWE Studios’ The Chaperone film and if he sees his wrestling career winding down anytime soon. He said: “You know, from that standpoint, it’s not a challenge anymore. I just read an interview with The Rock the other day where he said why he went into Hollywood. He’d done everything he wanted to accomplish in the WWE. I kind of feel like I’ve done that, but I still just enjoy the process. It’s not for me about the challenge of, “Can I do this anymore?” It’s more now about the challenge of like, just going out there, and we’ll do WrestleMania and there’ll be 75,000 people, and if you can’t get a rush outta that, something’s wrong with you, you know? So, to me, that’s just fun.”

Speaking of Hunter, he is set to appear on G4TV’s Attack of the Show tonight. A promo for the appearance make mention that Triple H will announce when he will be returning to a WWE ring. He’ll also talk about his new movie “The Chaperone.”

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