Triple H Talks John Cena, Backstage News On Josh Matthews’ Stock In WWE

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Josh Matthews has been working closely with Michael Cole on his WWE announcing duties and with the more exposure he’s gotten recently, his “stock” has risen within the company.

WWE Superstar Santino Marella will be appearing on TLC’s Cake Boss reality TV show next Monday, March 22nd at 9pm EST with a midnight replay. Marella will be promoting WrestleMania 27 and will be ordering a Road to WrestleMania cake.

Seth Barkley sent the following: “I haven’t seen this anywhere but during Triple H’s appearance on Opie and Anthony last week, they talked about people not wanting to see John Cena in the main event of every RAW and pay-per-view event. Triple H agreed with them and said it’s a discussion WWE officials have all the time but they never make the change because they are concerned for ratings.

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