Triple H’s Promo During WWE RAW Rubs People Off The Wrong Way

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There was a lot of angry and shocked wrestlers backstage at RAW last night during Triple H’s promo when he said there were no challenges in the locker room for he and The Undertaker. While the promo was being watched backstage, one prominent RAW star who was pissed off made the comment that Triple H just called everyone “jobbers.”

Some of the talents understood that Triple H was trying to hype the match with Undertaker but at the same time, a lot of people were upset. It’s said that Triple H came up with the promo last night and it was not written for him by creative.

6 Responses to “Triple H’s Promo During WWE RAW Rubs People Off The Wrong Way”

  1. Djrosko1982 says:

    Don’t forget- Triple h IS wwe Creative.

  2. Derek says:

    The real problem here is that the veterans are supposed to put over the new guys. Could you imagine how unstoppable Del Rio would seem if he got a win over Trips? Not that I want that. HHH will never put over a new/young guy and because of that the new guys have a harder time getting over. The only match an upper card talent like HHH would be any good in is with The Undertaker. It’s unfathomable for him to lose to anybody else. When Trips said there were no challenges left for him and Taker, he effectively buried every new upcoming talent in the locker room. Guys like Miz, Del Rio, Daniel Bryan and C.M. Punk have their stars on the rise but to listen to Trips, it doesn’t matter what they do because they’ll never match up with the stars of the past. Way to make these guys look tough Trips, you F’n moron.

    • Tcunningham240 says:

      U know it doesn’t matter if h3 and taker have beatin everyone its the reaction that they get when entering the ring. Personally I think that 3h will devour the taker

      • Derek says:

        Trips is definitely in the WWE’s hierarchy, but if you’re expecting him to beat Taker at ‘Mania, you’re gonna get disappointed. Jesus Christ himself couldn’t talk McMahon into stopping the Undertaker’s streak before it gets to 20-0.

  3. Tommyb says:

    what are you talking about triple h doesn’t put over younger or upcoming talent, he put john cena, randy orton, and dave batista oer, with these guys becoming the three of the biggest names in wwe over the last six years. He also helped Edge make the transition from the mid-card to the main event. He also helped Jeff Hardy establish himself in the main event during 2008 consistently having great matches with him. I don’t expect Triple H to retire after Wrestlemania, I see him lasting another 1-2 years and I believe he will put Sheamus over big time before he retires not before getting more revenge on the irishman.

    • Derek says:

      OK so first off Jeff Hardy isn’t main event talent, no matter what TNA tells you. Second, John Cena and Randy orton have been put over everybody so Trips didn’t do anything special. And Third, if he ever does go after Sheamus, it will surprise no one when he never gets a clean pin over Trips. I highly doubt Trips will be very active until his retirement and we’ll just wait and see who it puts over before then. I’m not expecting to be surprised when it’s no one.

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