Two Stars Removed From WWE’s Roster, One Added

  • Share has added Booker T to the SmackDown roster page. After making a surprise return at the Royal Rumble, the six-time World Champion (listed as five-time on the front page of was introduced as SmackDown’s newest commentator on last night’s show.

Finlay and Kelly Kelly have been removed from the SmackDown roster page on Finlay, a one-time United States Champion, had appeared sparingly in the squared circle since the beginning of last year. Vince McMahon reportedly decreed removing Finlay as an active performer in the spring due to his age — now 51. He does, however, remain with the organization as a producer.

After Kelly Kelly speared Layla to help Edge preserve his World Championship against Dolph Ziggler last night on SmackDown, “acting” SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero fired the blonde bombshell from WWE. Her bio page has been moved to the Alumni section.

One Response to “Two Stars Removed From WWE’s Roster, One Added”

  1. Dr. John D. Shupe, II says:

    I am so sick of Michael Cole I could throw up. Vince please do something. No one at home can enjoy the matches because the announcers always argue about everything else and do not call the matches. You are gonna lose me as a fan and I love WWE! As for as Kelly Kelly, I think it’s ashamed you would allow Vickie to even be on the show. John Shupe

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