Two Title Matches Set For WWE WrestleMania, Chamber Dark Match

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Coming out of tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, here are the first two confirmed matches for WrestleMania 27 in Atlanta: John Cena vs the Miz for the WWE Championship and Alberto Del Rio vs Edge for the World Championship.

The dark match before tonight’s pay-per-view in Oakland saw WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan defeat Ted DiBiase.

5 Responses to “Two Title Matches Set For WWE WrestleMania, Chamber Dark Match”

  1. AcesJD says:

    Well any chance of Rock Vs Cena has now officially been crushed. As of now, the ONLY way I am buying this PPV is if Sting really does debut tommarow. Otherwise all we are gonna get is only 15 mins of Rock doing a Promo at Wrestlemania 27, being a special referee and probably a Rock Bottom to Either the Miz, Cena, or both and a 3 count -_-…and there is no way I am paying 70 something odd bucks just to see one Rock Bottom, So good luck with 1 million buyrates…anyway lets wait and see there could still be a swerve.

    • AcesJD says:

      Oh and expect the predictable Cena overcoming the Odds and taking home YET another WWE Title….

      • Derek says:

        Cena will likely win but Miz is looking better and better. Not tonight but you know what i mean. and as far as rock goes, thats what ive been saying. just promos and probably a Rock Bottom on Riley. I think Rock owes us more. Without us nobody knows who Dwayne Johnson.

        • AcesJD says:

          Well The Rock has made up to us what he owed, he appeared on RAW and is hosting Wrestlemania 27. Thing is about Rock is he won’t wrestle a match because he is afraid of getting injured…but he never ever was injured in a WWE Match before in his entire Career :S. Ah well, least he made another appearance I am satisfied with just that. However, I have a bad feeling he is not going to get much air time at Wrestlemania…so be expected to be somewhat disappointed again even with Rock there.

          Cena will win Wrestlemania’s Title match -_-…Either with or without help of The Rock. Anyway I am fully convinced now the WWE is going to have Rock slowly Warm up to Cena and eventually side with him at Wrestlemania -_-…which will SUCK and be anti-climatic. I hope I am wrong though!

          WWE…you want 1 million buy rates? Well let’s just say it is not looking good for you Vinny Mac, not at all right now. Loved you brought MY all time favorite back, and that was the best Raw since 2002…however unless Rock isnt there at a weekly basis…I dont think the Ratings are going to improve unless Sting does debut tommarow, Sadly.

          Not to sound rude…but I am getting tired of watching the WWE to be honest. The Rock’s return has refreshed my interest…but if it was only a one night thing then I MIGHT just stop watching due to boredom over the product. I am sick of Cena Main Eventing as a FACE, I am sick of the boring Storylines, I am sick of seeing the Same people contend for title after title and I am sick of the Stale Characters and Lack of Heel Turns for some of those Faces of the Company!

          Keep Orton a Face right now, Turn Sheamus Face, Turn John Cena Heel, Fire Hornswoggle please, Do something with Mark Henry, Have Doink the Clown return and pass the damn torch to Santino since they are the same freaking person I could swear lol, and start making this show more Hardcore like the Attitude Era, F.F.S already!

          The Night the Rock returned…I had major faith in WWE. But I see where they are going now and think once again…were gonna have another dull Wrestlemania. Swerve us please, WWE.

  2. AcesJD says:

    Now that my rant there is done…WWE should have done this for the EC PPV this year.

    – Edge retaining was a good thing and a good swerve…didn’t expect it.
    – Trish returning was awesomely done
    – WWE should of let Jerry Lawler hold the title for even just one day, very predictable Match too.
    – RAW Elimination Chamber was horrible, Cena winning again?! Come on, Morrison or Punk should of got the Win. Hell even Sheamus would of worked better than Cena winning again. Personally a Miz/Punk and Nexus Feud would of been great to see especially as Heels.

    BQ: What the hell are Creative doing with Barrett? The Corre?! Wtf. They built up Barrett so nice that I was buying into the guy becoming a top commodity then out of the blue, they move him to Smackdown and bury him? I think they should of given him The WWE Championship at Survivor Series -_- for say a month or two.

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