UFC Star Brock Lesnar Undergoes Surgery – Will He Return To MMA?

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Former WWE and UFC Champion Brock Lesnar underwent surgery this past Friday, according to various sources, and had 12 inches of his intestine removed. It took place at the May Clinic in Minnesota to overcome his recent issues with Diverticulities over the last year-and-a-half. Fortunately for Lesnar and his fans, his doctors are confident that he’ll be able to return to the octagon and resume his MMA career with the UFC after the surgery. Doctors say that he may be ready to return as soon as early 2012.

Lesnar is expected to lose a lot of weight now as he’ll be going on a liquid diet, but shouldn’t have any problems regaining the weight and muscle when he is given the go-ahead to undergo a normal eating schedule. Lesnar is expected to go back to the 265 pound mark, which is the weight he was at when the problems first began over a year ago. He since then regained the weight and muscle. Everyone here at WrestleHeat.com wishes him a speedy recovery.

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