The Ultimate Warrior Bashes Hulk Hogan In New Video Blog

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Former WWE Champion Ultimate Warrior posted a video yesterday on YouTube calling out Hulk Hogan in response to comments he made about him a recent interview with HDNet. The Founding Father of Ring Intensity warns Hogan that he will be revealing truths about him in a video post later this week.

Regarding Hogan, Warrior said, “Hey, Terry, I found that bullet man. You know that bullet you were talking about in that sitdown interview when you said, “Ultimate Warrior was given a bullet to kill Hulkamania.” I found it. I found it buried, real deep, inside that huge piece of real estate I still own inside your psyche.

“You know Terry, you’re a real piece of work man, just beautiful in every way. Things you said in that sit-down interview… you know the dots of the statements that you made… and the silly-ass clichés that you used, they just don’t connect man. Someone’s gotta set the record straight. Someone capable. Someone wise enough to do it. And I’m going to do that. I’m going to set the record straight and paint the picture of who you truly are. “Karma’s coming to collect, Terry. Karma’s coming to collect, big time.”

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