Undertaker Confirmed for HHH Showdown on WWE RAW, JR on Cole/Lawler

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In addition to The Rock appearing on next week’s live RAW, WWE confirmed on tonight’s show that The Undertaker will be there to accept Triple H’s challenge for a face-to-face meeting before their WrestleMania 27 match. The Rock and John Cena are expected to have their big showdown next week also.

Per the storylines, Alex Riley has been re-hired by The Miz to the RAW brand as the Vice President of Corporate Communications.

Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter tonight in response to Michael’s comments about Jerry Lawler’s family on RAW: “Feel so bad 4 King. Both his Mom & Dad have passed. Jerrys Mom a few wks ago. Jerrys Dad was buried on King’s 19th B-Day. This is too much.”

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  1. Derek says:

    it is too much, far too much.

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