Source: Up To 20 Firings From TNA Wrestling Possible, Details

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According to a source I spoke to within TNA Wrestling, there is a “massive round of cuts” expected within the company. Backstage during the tapings on Monday and Tuesday, many of the talents were bracing for cuts and were reportedly on edge. I was told that the atmosphere within the talent backstage during the tapings was reminiscent to the dying days of WCW

The source I spoke to exclusively notes that this may have the potential to not only be the largest cuts in the history of TNA, but WWE, too. “The release of Wolfe,” the source noted, referencing the release of former ROH Champion Desmond Wolfe (real name Nigel McGuinness) was just the “tip of the iceberg.. there’s a lot more coming,” the source added. Dixie Carter’s mother, Janice, has reportedly been very upset with the way her daughter has been running the company, financial wise, and has possibly caused the release of Wolfe and likely others. Janice has reportedly passed on to her daughter that she wants the roster trimmed from 60 to 40 stars, which if Dixie complies, would be a cut of both 20 stars and/or backstage names.

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