Update On TNA Wrestler Kurt Angle Having A Baby, Including A Photo

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As reported over the weekend, TNA star Kurt Angle had to leave TNA’s UK tour unexpectedly due to a family emergency. While touring overseas with TNA, Angle received a phone call stating that his pregnant fiance had been hospitalized. While Angle’s fiance Giovanna was hospitalized, doctors decided to induce labor a healthy baby girl was delivered in a Pittsburgh hospital. You can see a picture of her to the right.

To update Giovanna’s condition, it’s been reported by Slam Wrestling that the reason she was hospitalized is that a family member found her passed out. Doctors discovered that she lost consciousness due to dangerously high blood pressure, which put her life and the unborn baby’s life at risk.

Kurt Angle posted the following on Twitter @anglefoods1 on Monday morning: “Update on Giovanna and Giulia’na. Doing much better. My fiancee’ was incredibly brave. I’m so Blessed to have 3 beautiful kids. Thk u to TNA.” He later added, “Thk u to my family and fans. I’m so Grateful that Giovanna came out of this in one piece. I love her dearly.”

Click here to view a photo of Angle with his newborn daughter. The image gallery also includes photos of Angle’s new fiancee.

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