Velvet Sky Wants To Do ‘DWTS’, Sarita Undergoes Facial Paralysis

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The producers of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars are giving fans the opportunity to cast the upcoming season. Velvet Sky is asking fans via Twitter to show their support by voting for her to appear on the reality show.

TNA Knockout Sarita is still feeling the effects of facial paralysis as she donned a protective mask at this past weekend’s World Wrestling Council Aniversario 2011 events in Ponce and Bayamón, Puerto Rico. The mask was specifically designed to protect her face as it entirely covered her mouth and left eye. Sarita competed against Puerto Rican women’s wrestler Black Rose at both events as a heel. She won Friday in Ponce but lost Sunday in Bayamón. Meanwhile, TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Mickie James was advertised to compete at Aniversario 2011 but scratched days before the events.

2 Responses to “Velvet Sky Wants To Do ‘DWTS’, Sarita Undergoes Facial Paralysis”

  1. Andy66400 says:

    of course velvet wants to do DWTS.  anything to try and get exposure for TNA.  funny how she needs an online campaign to try to get on, whereas Jericho was asked for several seasons to do it before finally having time in his schedule to oblige them. 

  2. TNAin't says:

    this clearly exposes the fact that Velvet Sky, like many others through the years, is trying to use pro wrestling as a springboard to stardom.  it’s an insult to TNA, and considering TNA is soooo broke right now, i say axe her.  she cant wrestle, her promos are annoying, and it makes the REAL female wrestlers like Sarita and Mickie James look bad when they have to wrestle against her.   velvet had her moment to shine back with the original ‘beautiful people’ gimmick, but her time has passed. 

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