Vickie Guerrero Dishes On Snooki Of ‘Jersey Shore’, The Miz On His WWE Legacy

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Vickie Guerrero was interviewed by The Greenwich Post this weekend at WrestleMania Axxess in Atlanta. Here are a few highlights:

Fans calling her a cougar: “It’s so much fun. I’m honored because they’re flirting with me and it makes me feel good. I’m a single woman and I like younger men, being the cougar that I am.”

Her involvement in Snooki’s match at WrestleMania 27: “You need to watch. I’m going to be involved. Snooki will get her receipt. She’d better watch out.”

The Post also published quotes from WWE Champion The Miz at the Axxess Q&A session with fans. When The Miz was asked about his legacy in WWE, he said:

“The legacy of The Miz is going to be like this. I am the guy that worked the hardest and dedicated himself each and every day. When people say this job is too hard or we’re on the road too much, I’m the guy saying ‘I need more media’ and ‘I need more outlets’ and ‘Give me every spot you have.’ My legacy will be that not only will I be the greatest, most WWE Champion in the history of this company, but you will remember The Miz as WWE. You will no longer think of The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan or any of those top names. You will think of The Miz.”

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