Video: CM Punk ‘Shoots’ During WWE RAW; Was The Promo Real?

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If you missed it, the following Youtube clip is the full “shoot” promo delivered by CM Punk at the end of last night’s WWE Monday Night RAW where CM Punk gave “insider” comments directed at WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, his daughter Stephanie McMahon, her husband Triple H, WWE’s competitors, and more.

As noted before, and we still are receiving e-mails by viewers asking if the promo was real, it was NOT real, and was scripted and approved by Vince McMahon prior to the promo being delivered, according to a WWE source I spoke to exclusively just minutes ago. As I mentioned earlier tonight, it was WWE’s way of getting “watercooler buzz” for WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view and the ongoing CM Punk storyline where he plans to “leave” WWE on July 17. The video of his promo embedded below: