Video: Gail Kim Eliminates Herself From Divas Battle Royal On WWE RAW

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As noted earlier, Gail Kim has legitimately quit WWE, as’s Mike Norway broke earlier this morning. Now, a video of the Divas Battle Royal where all the controversy started is being spread online. In the video below, Gail Kim is seen facing with with Alicia Fox during a Battle Royal on RAW Monday night when Gail Kim decided to slide herself from under the bottom rope.

Gail Kim said on her Twitter account that she didn’t to test WWE management in the back. She said she was never scolded for doing it, and in fact it was never mentioned. Kim, a former TNA Wrestling Knockout, said that it was both “sad” and “amusing” that no one happened to notice the mishap. You can check out the embedded video below are the :58 mark, assuming the video stays up for a while anyway:

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