Video Of Ring Collapse At WWE Vengeance, Grisham Makes Racially-Insensitive Comments

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— Former WWE announcer Todd Grisham, who recently debuted as a commentator for ESPN, made some racially-insensitive comments over the weekend on Twitter and followed up with an apology.

While talking about college football game over the weekend between the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Tech, Grisham referred to the “trail of tears” while talking about the Sooners’ loss. The “trail of tears” historically refers to the American Cherokee Indian tribe being forcibly removed from their land back in 1830, where thousands died.

Grisham received a lot of negative feedback from other Twitter followers – and responded by saying, “The historical reference didn’t even cross my mind.” He added that his great grandmother was a “full-blooded Cherokiee” and said he’s proud of his Native American heritage.

— At Sunday’s WWE Vengeance pay-per-view, the ring collapsed after Mark Henry superplexed the Big Show during their World Heavyweight title match. Check out this fan-shot video of the spectacle:

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