Video: The Undertaker Returns On 2/21/11

  • Share site reader Daimon sent in the following video promoting the return of the Undertaker on February 21, 2011 — which is the date that WWE has been referencing as of late during their 2/21/11 vignettes, and has been heavily rumored to be the date that the Undertaker will be returning to the show. The promo is also the same video that was originally posted on the Save Mart Center Arena, the home of Monday Night RAW on February 21st, and then removed from the site.

As Derek and I mentioned last night on the radio broadcast immediately following RAW (which, by the way, you can still listen to by viewing the archived version of the show in the link under the embedded Youtube clip), WWE perhaps made it a little too obvious in their most recent vignette that it is the Undertaker indeed returning, as they aired Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave,” the song that was played heavily during the video packages between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels during their WrestleMania 26 feud last year. Below is the clip:

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