Video: Two Men Featured In WWE’s Latest 2/21/11 Vignette

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On Monday’s RAW, WWE aired the third installment in the 2/21/11 teaser videos. Many readers have pointed out that it appears there are two men in the video .. Since one of them is clearly the Undertaker – who do you think the other figure could be? Comment below and give us your thoughts. Is it possible that both the Undertaker and the rumored Sting will be appearing on RAW next Monday night? View the embedded video below and then give us your opinion.

Speaking of Sting, I posted an exclusive on his return late last night. If you didn’t have a chance to read it, browse our news stories below to read the exclusive news item. The story basically revolved around Sting actually being in contact with WWE despite other sites saying that they haven’t been in contact.

UPDATE: We have a lot of comments below with people giving their suggestions as to who the second person is. Comments are ranging from Sting to Shawn Michaels. I have also posted by own comment below, which you can find in light green. Feel free to go ahead and post a comment responding to my comment or giving your own take as to who it may be, if anyone.

50 Responses to “Video: Two Men Featured In WWE’s Latest 2/21/11 Vignette”

  1. Eddaddy says:

    I only see one dude and I believe it’s the undertaker!

    • Darrenburden says:

      it is triple h!!! people say hbk but i am telling u it is hhh look at the moustace and face hhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • james says:

        yea that def triple h…..if your a big time wrestling head u should be able to tell the bottom of hhh face by now….kinda disappointed hoping for sting but the last promo most def gave it away…all they have to show is his big ass nose and you guys would be on board with me lol

        • Steve A. says:

          The man in the house is clearly freaking HBK look at his mouth and moustache
          HBK sees himself as taker after not being able to cope with his two losses

          either taker is coming for micheals

          or sting has been summond by michaels to take out taker

          • Dan says:

            “sting has been summond by michaels to take out taker “What?! That makes no sense! Put down the ziplock bag with “Pam” sprayed in it and sober up, you hog-smoker.

  2. Andy says:

    Undertaker is clearly in the house. Who is out in the rain?

  3. charley says:

    Speculation could be made that Undertaker was in Sting’s shack and waiting for the Stinger. To create an alliance to wrestle Kane and Barrett since the Undertaker’s shoulder is limited….

    Thats the way I see it with this new vignette…

    • Jalen Vaughn says:

      I that’s a good statement to be made, but will it have enough time to be put into a story line

  4. tanner says:

    taker is in the house lookin for sting at the end u see a man who seems to be walkin back in towards the house taker in house sting coming back to house

  5. aj says:

    If it is both Undertaker and Sting, its extremely obvious now. The Undertaker is shown here INSIDE of the house, walking first, then looking out the window. Then we see another figure OUTSIDE the house. In other words: Sting is about to step foot into the Undertaker’s house.

  6. Paddy Kelly says:

    the Guy outside Has to be sting ?? who else could be as dark as the phenom and where a black leather coat hopefully it’s stinger !!!

  7. Twan B says:

    I knew it! The first one was sting and the second was the undertaker coming in the back waiting on sting. The third video is both one and two together! This is about to go down in history as the best raw ever!

  8. Wow they got all of you fooled it is so obvious the other guy is HBK. We have seen the “white angel” Shawn Michaels, but we have yet to see the darkside of HBK. That figure is clearly not the Taker it is HBK with a beard. How do you all not see this? This is why HBK “retired” to deal with the darkside that has summoned him and that will be the HBK to end Taker’s streak, the dark side of Shawn Michaels.

  9. save_us says:

    the other figure is going to be triple h…
    rumour has it that unertakers oppenet for mania is going to be triple h in a career vs streak match again.
    i have read that triple h has said that he has dont what he needed to achive in wrestling…he is going to switch to backstage work

  10. Trillstatus says:

    Come On You All Must Be Too Blind To See That Is Shawn Micheals And The Other Is Triple H Do You Really Know The Faces Lol Its Not Sting The Video Is Showing You Who It Is And You Just Dont Want To Believe That Its Not Sting But Your Hurting Your Self But ITs Official Thats Shawn Micheals

  11. Rick says:

    Ok people… After looking at the video many times at different speeds and focusing on the face, hair and physique of the man we see in the house, poeple it’s Shawn Michaels.

    in the house, 3 candles blown out. 3 candles for HBK.

    The 2 21 11 at the end. When they burn out with the fire and when burning too… Look at them as if they were facing a mirror… They spell HBK.

    The second man we see in these videos is Undertaker.

    Shawn Michaels is going after the Undertaker.

    If a third is indeed involved in these videos. The physique shows Triple H.

    This is going to be EPIC.

    • Redsoxbsbll04 says:

      I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. It’s easily the Undertaker inside the house. And outside who knows who it is, but Shawn Michaels is definitely not inside the house. Clearly in two views it is the Undertaker. And please tell me how the hell does a number 2 mirrored make a “K”?? You are a little too imaginative here or just need your eyes checked buddy.

    • Dave Pearson says:

      No…it is NOT HBK anywhere in these videos. It is clearly Undertaker in the house, as you can CLEARLY see by his chest. HBK doesn`t have that chest, BUT….HHH sort of does. The chin seems to have the same horizontal as Taker, though. Looks like he`s scrunching it a bit, but it IS Taker. Outside….I`d like to think it is Sting, coming to challenge Taker at Wrestlemania. We won`t know for sure until it happens, but I`m pretty sure HBK is done, so quit dreaming that it is him. It will not be a HBK vs. Taker match at Wrestlemania….it will not be a HHH vs. Taker match at WM….I`m willing to bet it will be Sting vs. The Undertaker.
      Your theory on the “mirror” thing is retarded, too.
      I think yer probably baked right now.

  12. Michael Norway says:

    WOW! You people are persistent, that’s for sure. Honestly, I’m not sure if I would be looking closely at these vignettes as some of you guys are. I think it it simply the Undertaker returning and they are reintroducing him in a different way than we have become used to in the past few years. As for the guesses on who the “second person” may be:

    (1) I highly doubt it’s Sting. Unless Vince has him under wraps tightly, no way would he be in the vignettes, especially since he has not signed with WWE to my knowledge yet. Though, if they do end up signing him at the 11th hour, sure, they can link him to the vignettes. But I just don’t see it happening.

    (2) Shawn Michaels? Doubtful. HBK is retired and I don’t see him returning to the ring in a wrestling capacity.

    WWE has done these things in the past with the Chris Jericho “SAVE ME” vignettes in the past and Jericho even noted in his book that people were over analyzing every little thing even though WWE creative is not even that, well, creative to come up with some of the things people came up with when he made his last big return a few years back.

  13. anonymous says:

    ok. the figure in the house is 100+% shawn michaels (PAUSE AT 0:31 AND SEE HIS CHEST AND HIS BEARD) and the figure outside is the dark triple h who will come back on 2/21/11 and finish his farewell hbk speech. he is then going to avenge him at wm27

  14. David says:

    How are people thinking ther person inside is Shawn Michaels? People say it’s Shawn Michaels “with a beard”

    First Shawn Michaels isn’t the only wrestler who can grow facial hair. Second. Ope you eyes, and quit wishing for something that’s not even remotely reasonable. It’s the undertaker (He does have facial hair too you know) And as he’s walking past the window, you can plainly see his face, and what he’s wearing.

    As for the guy outside. I don’t know, and I’m not going to assume anything, because it would just make me look like an idiot, when it’s not who we hope it is. (Like all these people wishing for Shawn Michaels.)

    I’m surprised people haven’t said the guy inside is Hulk Hogan or The Ultimate Warrior…

    • Anthony1terry says:

      if you look at the video again look at the face where his neck is there is no tatoo’s, it can’t be undertaker !

  15. Derek says:

    so ok, ive watched it like 700 times and the best my eyes can focus from way up here in the cheap seats, its ‘Taker all three times. Over analyze away everybody, but why would the WWE hot shot more than one guy for the date? Sting is the only example that would come close to making sense and its simply not him.

    • Steve A. says:

      It is clearly HBK if you freeze the framee it has to be Shawn Michaels, the only question is


      i think it is either as a mastermind in some plot to end the streak or as some sort of guest ref thing

      or maybe both

  16. LtotheeD says:

    I think there aren’t two people, and that the Undertaker is the only guy in the promo. The guy outside has the same boots and length coat as ‘Taker

  17. Atari says:

    Actually, if you pay close attention to the music being played, it’s a dead giveaway that it’s ONLY the Undertaker in the promos stating his return. If I remember correctly, wasn’t it Kane & the NEXUS (at the time) who put ‘Taker out of commission by burying him alive? The song simply states, “There ain’t no grave that can hold my body down”…which is, in my opinion, referring to Taker being buried.

    Also, it’s 3 different points of view….1) walking towards the house, 2) walking past the window inside the house, and 3) standing there inside the house. All 3 times it is, in fact, the Undertaker.

    • Nursee_nurse77 says:

      “there aint no grave that can hold my body down” is the song that was used at last years wrestlemania… when shawn and taker fought… looks like ONLY shawn… but if there is someone else… its taker… and they will make this story of the light angel savin the dark one… but thats wwe.. and we will all be watching…

  18. Jason says:

    I see Taker. Chest is a dead give-a-way if you’ve seen ANY of his matches in the past 3 years. The chin looks a little odd… POSSIBLY HBK. Honestly don’t see HHH there. Did the video well enough to link in Sting if he does sign on for WM. Since HBK will be inducted, it’s entirely possible he’s being shown in this also maybe as a “guest ref” or as an interference gimmick in an attempt to break the streak.

    NOTE TO WWE writers: Taker’s streak is epic: it should never be broken, nor should it ever be duplicated.
    Personally I would like to see Taker make it to 20-0 before he retires.

  19. The Source says:

    People… not going to argue but… it is two diferent people in the scenes. it is who we all want it to be!!! Just wait til next week. it is going to be huge!! It’s showing the Undertaker and next week the mystery man is walking in. It will show them heading face to face. It is who we think is…

    • Leozhang says:

      If you see unddetaker through the window, as he passes, there is a shadowy scorpian behind him… that means STING is coming for him at WM27

      • The Source says:

        you are half correct…we’ll leave it as that. There is an alliance to be formed between the two. Undertaker is not fully healed. Sting has a shoulder injury as well. This years Wrestlemania has to be as big as possible. That is why these so-called rumors are around to throw the fans off. Buyrates for the event has been down in recent years. Wrestlemania has always been about the biggest matches, the biggest surprises, etc. WWE is trying to get back to that level. They already know that if they don’t react to the fans wants, then this year will be a total bore. Everybody’s tired of the same old matches. Do the fans really want to spend all that money on the same old John Cena vs Miz, or Randy Orton vs CM Punk. We as fans can see that on Raw or Smackdown or whatever the case may be. This year’s Mania will be big, and I know that as a fact. In the upcoming weeks leading, get ready for more surprises. Every is being tightlipped about the situation.

  20. Drgnheart says:

    Sting is comming

  21. DeadmanInc says:

    If there are actually 2 people in the video, who is to say that the second will be revealed on Monday. Undertaker is confrmed to return to thats all of the promo that WWE need to reveal, they may keep the second guy a secret until they decide who they reveal it to be, depending on wether or not they manage to sign Sting!

  22. Cobra271 says:

    I think that the Undertaker is going to re brand the Ministry of Darkness because he was in that old house waiting for Sting who was outside.

  23. grim says:

    its quite obvious that its shawn michaels waiting 4 sting to come to take on undertaker at wrestlemania

  24. Rahul The Undertaker says:

    after having seen all the three promos n’ number of times it is but obvious that the undertaker is definitely going to return at 2.21.11., watching the last promo it is clearly understood that there are 2 men together in the promo….the man inside the house is undertaker not HBK for sure, HBK has retired & get over it guys, perhaps the other man outside the house is most likely to be sting & not triple h, i donno why triple h would even think of going against the undertaker or return along with HBK as that’d make no sense, if at all triple h returns he’ll b avenging sheamus guys thats common sense, it was sheamus who injured triple h as per the storyline & at wrestlemania its sure gonna b King Sheamus vs. King of Kings Triple H….i donno but if the other man is sting then he might have resurrected the undertaker & will team up with the undertaker against kane & wade barret probably or go against taker him at wrestlemania 27 !

  25. Josh_spires says:

    OMG listen to the music “there aint no grave that can hold my body down” it is undertaker his last match was a casket match remeber. And for the second person i would love for sting to come back i hope it is him.

  26. Prinson Dslva says:

    according to me it is the undertaker ….

  27. Kyle M says:

    I could see Undertaker recruiting Sting to fight with him against HHH and Barrett. Then since Sting will have a one year contract, when Taker is 19-0, Sting will feud with Taker and ruin his record so he doesn’t get to 20-0. Btw…It may not be Undertaker in the promo, but it wasn’t uncommon for companies like this to use a stunt double because the employee at the time wasn’t able to make the video.

  28. Jetrockshard says:

    This is how I see it Undertaker looks very depressed wandering around that shack and Sting is coming to rescue him I see this as a play on the Taker vs Kane match when Taker has lost his powers. So Sting who is a well Known Christian is going to acting as a rescuer and bring Taker out of the darkness. I may be way wrong but this would be really cool and different storyline for the WWE.

  29. Rocchuzzo says:

    If anyone can notice, undertaker is walking around the house. The next person who is hbk is at the window, they are waiting for the third who is walking to the house. Possibly sting? Two wm icons waiting for another huge icon the stinger!!

  30. HBK says:

    its impossible,how can he be alive

  31. Anonymous says:

    depends on the perspective…
    first video. man in coat walks towards the cabin
    video two. man walks on steps of cabin, walks in the door. (it’s Undertaker)
    video three. we see a figure through the window. he has mma gloves, beard…clearly undertaker.
    in the same video. we then see a transpant figures chin. no beard, jaw line is different. it’s shawn micheals.
    shawn micheals had a similar get up in wrestlemanis 25. hat, overcoat.
    then we see a man in a coat walk towards the house. end of video 3.
    the transparent figure who walks by the window represnts the dead body of the undertaker coming back.
    the close up transparent figure is shawn micheals.
    the house represents the wwe.
    the figure outside is triple H coming back to the wwe to avenge shawn michaels, considering undertaker took him out in wrestlemania.

    so it possibly is a return of undertaker
    and triple

  32. AcesJD says:

    Just watched this fucking lame ass RAW. 2/21/11…biggest disappointment of all time after a piss ass lame Elimination Chamber. It made no sense. There was no Sting, No Rock, No one at all. It turned out to be Triple H in a lame segment with Undertaker in which the people were clearly Booing. There are alot of pissed of Fans tonight and I am one of them. Wrestlemania 27 is going to suck, and they are not getting my Money because I am officially done watching.

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