Vince McMahon Reportedly Tired At WWE Tapings, Backstage Creative Process News

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Several sources within WWE have reported over the past few weeks that Vince McMahon has seemed more tired than usual at the RAW and SmackDown! tapings as of late, with many wondering if his age and lack of as much stamina in the past has anything to do with it. Many are also wondering how McMahon’s mood is affecting the WWE product.

It should be noted that much of McMahon’s focus as of late has been on the RAW brand despite the uptick in ratings for SmackDown! as of late. The brand is still very much referred to backstage as the “A” show while SmackDown! is considered its red-headed step-child.

Due to McMahon’s focus on RAW, head writer for the blue brand, Ed Koskey, is left to work on the brand much to his lonesome without much TV rewrites like has become the norm for the red brand due to McMahon constantly changing his mind about the television scripts, according to