Vince McMahon’s Reaction To WWE Technical Issues, Riley Hired By RAW, Averno

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As noted on RAW last night, Alex Riley has been re-hired by the RAW General Manager. Riley only made on appearance on SmackDown after being Drafted earlier this year – that was the April 29th episode where he ran to the ring in the opening segment and was RKO’d by Randy Orton.

As expected, Vince McMahon and WWE producer Kevin Dunn had in what was described as a “freakout moment” during the beginning of RAW last night when they had all of those technical difficulties, according to

For what it’s worth, luchador Averno is saying that he has talked with WWE but never did a tryout match and never signed a contract. He says he will prove that by beating La Mascara for his mask at CMLL’s Jucio Final event in mid-June.

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