Why Vince McMahon-Triple H Angle Aired, Update On CM Punk-John Cena Storyline

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As hinted earlier by the reports that WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon was keeping everybody out of the loop of the CM Punk-John Cena angle at Money in the Bank, McMahon himself has been booking the angle. He was also responsible for the angle this past Monday night on RAW where Triple H told him that he was “relieved of his duties”. The WWE Creative team were unaware of where McMahon was taking the angle and were focusing on other storylines in order to keep minimum spoilers from the Cena-Punk angle leaking online.

Several WWE creative team members expressed frustration with McMahon in the week leading up to the pay-per-view and while they were very happy with the Money in the Bank PPV, they were not pleased, to say the least, about the aftermath on RAW the next night. As for the reason why they decided to go the route of Triple H taking over McMahon’s duties on-screen (as he does transition to do so in real life with McMahon still very much in charge), McMahon felt that the Punk-Cena angle wasn’t very “mainstream” and was more of an Internet phenomenon. He decided to interject the Triple H angle as a way of being assured that more eyes were watching.

As for the 3.2 rating that RAW drew Monday, McMahon was told by a top aide on Tuesday at the SmackDown! tapings and McMahon was reportedly shocked about the rating, though he didn’t express his feelings about it as has become the norm. Many had expected a much stronger rating following a much talked about PPV the night before and the aftermath of CM Punk leaving the WWE with the title and John Cena being “fired”. A source notes that next week is make or break for them and if the rating doesn’t increase again next week, they’re in trouble.

8 Responses to “Why Vince McMahon-Triple H Angle Aired, Update On CM Punk-John Cena Storyline”

  1. Black316_73 says:

    The PG Disney land crap isn’t working

  2. mike says:

    VKM is the man what a smart man keep it to yourself. Good Job Vince thats how you make Great Matches and real looking storyline..

  3. Shane says:

    I do not care how much work is put into the PG storyline – if it is the same garbage, all of the mid-carders look the same, and weak individuals such as Rey Mysterio are the top performers…it’s going to fail. 

    All of you so called “wrestling fans” do not know a wrestling world prior to the year 2000.  Go watch some 70s and 80s wrestling and you’ll see what made it successful.  Until then, ratings and buys will be down, and the UFC will continue to grow. It’s all of you idiots out there who settle for mediocre garbage – I watched approximately 15 minutes of Raw on Monday since it was so terrible.

  4. Lynch_chung says:

    Unless ROH (CM Punk) invades RAW next week the rating will not go up

  5. well done Vince, that’s how a business man keeps the crowd hyped up.

  6. Lifelong_wrestling_fan says:

    All of you whining about PG crap. Stop watching it then. They’re trying to reach to a wider fan base. Most of their stars have families and they’re trying to be more family friendly. So if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Stop whining already.

  7. Andrew_nicholas_5 says:

    I was watching TNA and it reminded me a lot of how the WWE used to be and a lot of people are say “Oh if you don’t like the rating don’t watch it then!” Honestly i’m pretty sure they changed it cause of the kid and i’m not blaming them but there parents let them watch it when it was a 14+ program or whatever it used to be who cares it makes it look REAL! with the blood and the swearing it expresses the anger and the impact of the punches and weapons i bet you if WWE switched there rating they would get a ton of viewers! 

  8. john cena get job bak

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