Was The Rock At The WWE Hall Of Fame?, Backstage ‘Mania News, Sheamus/Bryan

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Devin sent the following: WWE returns to the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, West Virginia on Sunday, June 5th, 2011 at 5 PM.

Chief Jay Strongbow, who lives in Georgia, was backstage at WrestleMania tonight.

For those wondering, Vince McMahon or The Rock were not in the crowd for Saturday night’s Hall of Fame ceremony. We don’t know yet if The Rock was there but he was probably backstage with Vince and The Undertaker.

Neil sent the following update to our earlier post on the WrestleMania 27 dark match: The match did begin as a US Title match with Sheamus and Daniel Bryan with Lumberjacks at ringside. They wrestled for a few minutes with some nice moves until all the Lumberjacks started fighting at ringside and the bell rang. Teddy Long then came out and turned it into a battle royal. Khali eliminated Sheamus with a big chop.

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