What Happened After WWE RAW: Funny Moment w/The Rock & John Cena

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Thanks to Geoff Clark and PWInsider.com for the following live notes from the WWE RAW taping last night in Atlanta, Georgia:

A Phillips Arena staff person told me that the Arena was a legit sell out and that they had to turn away a lot of people. They actually had staff checking tickets randomly to be sure everyone was in the right seats. I don’t see any empty seats.

During the break when Cole came out to the commentary position he got huge heel heat. The crowd chanted “You’re an a-hole” at him and he kept working them. This crowd is real hot.

During the final break at Raw, the crowd was white hot. Someone started a “Let’s go Cena” chant and it was quickly drowned out by a LOUD “Cena Sucks” chant. This crowd was ready for the final segment.

After Raw ended, Rock stayed around for a while. As he walked up the aisle, he took a Cena hat off a little kid an teased that he was going put it on, then shook his head and gave it back and high- fived the kid. The kid looked super excited. There was no dark match or announced return date.

Also, the weather here is horrible. I’m stuck in the CNN Center with a couple hundred people. The police will not allow us to leave. Winds are 40-60 mph and chance of hail.

2 Responses to “What Happened After WWE RAW: Funny Moment w/The Rock & John Cena”

  1. IrishJD says:

    That crowd pissed me off…both at Wrestlemania and at RAW tonight. Booing Stone Cold for giving random guys a beer?! One guy in there told The Rock to go back to movies. Pffft keep saying that and you might get your wish Rock Haters…then your stuck with “You can’t she me” and all the other PG BS for the rest of time. Least they were alot better than yesterday that’s for sure. Atlanta sort of ruined Wrestlemania 27. Given, it wasn’t that great and had horrible booking….but damn people least it was a change for once. Funny thing, people bitch when Cena wins all the time and the minute someone else wins, they boo it :S. I am glad The Miz retains myself. The Rock and HHH/Taker stole the show, and I am just so glad HBK didn’t screw one of them over. WWE…please, do NOT have HHH/Taker Round 3. Cause if they did, I would shat myself multiple times truley worrying about the greatest Streak of all time.

  2. IEddaddy says:

    They didn’t boo when SCSA gave a random guy a beer. They booed when she dropped the beer and it was a subtle boo. Also don’t go into what u hear on camera.

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