What Happened After WWE RAW Last Night

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Reader Ryan Hanley sent in this live recap of what happened after Monday’s RAW went off the air: After Raw went off the air, Jerry Lawler thanked the crowd in Providence, saying he wanted to invite everyone down to the ring to celebrate. He couldn’t do that, so he invited The Miz down to celebrate.

Miz and Riley entered the ring and mocked the crowd for supporting King. Miz said, “All I have to say is this” to King, and went for a cheap shot. King blocked and threw Miz and Riley out of the ring. A bit more celebration from King as the arena continued to empty out to conclude the TV taping.

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  1. Longlivetheking says:

    I know some fans only want to see the young guys, but I, for one, am thrilled the WWE is finally giving Lawler his moment in the sun. Lawler is one of the all-time greats and I never thought the WWE probably used him. The guy is one of the best ever on the mic and one of the greatest brawlers of all-time. It is a good storyline to have Lawler, prove that there is still a place for older guys in wrestling. They ought to let Lawler win the WWE title for a few weeks. The King holds the record for most title wins and adding a WWE belt actually makes his status look stronger as a WWE hall of famer.

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