What Happened Between The Undertaker/Triple H During WWE RAW Commercial

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Thanks to reader Billy Krotchsen for providing the following live notes from WWE Raw tonight, featuring the big 2/21/11 reveal. Our correspondent noted that Triple H received the biggest reaction of the night, even more than Undertaker, Randy Orton or John Cena. Undertaker missed his cue and came out before his music started, then had to return to the back.

After Raw went to commercial during the staredown, Triple H exited the ring and posed on the ramp. He left and Taker followed, posing on the way out.

4 Responses to “What Happened Between The Undertaker/Triple H During WWE RAW Commercial”

  1. EDDADDY says:

    I liked both their entrances WWE pulled out the red carpet for those two. I wish there was some dialog alOng with the staredowns. But yea you guys predicted it 100% and I tip my hat off. Kinda sucks watching it knowing what’s gonna happen.

  2. Cliftonsamuel56 says:

    man do us the wrestling world see what’s going on taker and hhh already fought at wrestlemania we are geting the same matches I have been watching wwe every since hogan won the belt come on vince you throw a promo at us like the old days and we get taker vs hhh two you have always been the man why did you take out the f and put the e if you wasn’t going to entertain

  3. Derek says:

    taker did miss his cue. that seemed uncharacteristic to me.

  4. Brybillings says:

    I thought it was good to see both guys coming out to the ring together, but I felt a little cheated by a staredown. 7 minutes of TV time, 3 weeks of promos, all this speculation, and it’s two guys staring at each other? Could have been handled so much better.

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