What Mahal Said To Khali, John Cena Takes Shot At The Rock, More

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John Cena took another shot at “The Great One” The Rock on Twitter this weekend. Here’s his latest: “CeNation. Just heard that yesterday the man who invented the telepromter died at 91. Somewhere right now the great one is in mourning :)”

Stan sent word that this past Friday’s SmackDown had 36 minutes and 31 seconds of in-ring action, up from last week’s 31 minutes and 57 seconds.

As noted before, Jinder Mahal made his WWE main roster debut on Friday’s SmackDown in a segment with Ranjin Singh and The Great Khali, talking in Punjabi. Several readers sent word that Khali and Singh asked Mahal what he was doing on SmackDown. He replied that he was now on the roster and plans to be there for a long time. When Mahal walked off, Khali and Singh talked about how good it was to see him in WWE.

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