Who USA Wanted To Win ‘Tough Enough’, X-Pac Back On WWE TV?, Michaels News

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Sean “X-Pac” Waltman said in an interview this past week that he thinks there’s a very good chance he could appear on WWE TV at some point in the future. Waltman appeared at the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony with Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Kevin Nash.

Shed Media and the USA Network were pushing for Miss USA Rima Fakih to win WWE Tough Enough, with the feeling that her participation and winning would give the show lots of press once this season was over, building momentum for the second season. As the show went on, Rima winning became impossible to justify and she was eliminated last week.

As noted before, Shawn Michaels has filed trademarks on “Mr. HOF” and “Mr. Hall of Fame”, so it looks like those will be the nicknames WWE uses when talking about him from here on out. Since Shawn retired, WWE has wanted to market him as the greatest wrestler of all-time since he has a very long-term contract with the company.

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