Why John Morrison Was Allowed To Main Event WWE PPV, More On Sin Cara Being Drafted

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As documented several times before, John Morrison had major heat on him internally after problems with Trish Stratus over their WrestleMania 27 match. Morrison was set for a major de-pushing, as seen when Vince McMahon gave his WWE Extreme Rules spot to R-Truth, before changing his mind at the last minute and putting Morrison back in the match. A source indicates that Vince McMahon made the decision to put a spotlight back on Morrison once it was confirmed that Edge would be retiring. Vince felt that WWE needed a top babyface with an “exciting rock star” attitude like Edge had.

WWE chose to draft Sin Cara to SmackDown so he would be on a taped show and it would be easier to edit any botches that he has. That decision was made by Triple H as he felt that Cara would work out better on a taped show until he gets more used to WWE’s style of wrestling. A source says that Triple H is taking his new role with WWE talent development very seriously but is nervous about his first real project – Sin Cara.

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