Why Mick Foley Didn’t Appear At The Rock’s Birthday Party On WWE RAW

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As noted previously, TNA Wrestling star Mick Foley was actually given permission by TNA President Dixie Carter and Terry Taylor to appear on WWE Monday Night RAW for the Rock’s birthday party. However, it appears that Foley had gotten dates mixed up. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Foley thought that the birthday party was going to take place on the April 18th episode of RAW, thinking that the show was going to be emanating from Miami. Foley received the green light from TNA management to appear at the show since he had a TNA appearance on that night that was canceled.

However, that show was actually taped from London. Apparently Foley thought the birthday party was going to take place a week earlier than it did. About an hour after he was given permission from management to appear on RAW, Foley realized his mistake and did not appear because he had an angle at the iMPACT tapings on the May 2nd episode when the actual birthday celebration took place. According to Foley, the story “ended there” as he was needed by TNA and decided not to defy them in order to appear on the competition’s flagship television program.

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