Why WWE Kept John Cena On RAW, Orton’s New Movie, South Africa Tour

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Bry sent word that CompuTicket in South Africa confirms that WWE’s World Tour will return to the country with SmackDown live shows in Cape Torn, Durban and Johannesburg from July 6th until July 10th. Tickets range from R270 to R505.

One-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Kane will be appearing at the Kmart on Aurora Avenue in Seattle, Washington on May 22nd at 1pm. A wristband policy is in effect and the signing is open to the first 300 fans.

WWE Studios’ “That’s What I Am” with Randy Orton will be released on DVD May 17th. It will be available in select theaters this Friday.

Despite John Cena being drafted back to RAW last night, there was talk up until Sunday night of keeping him on the SmackDown brand with the idea that Randy Orton was a hot enough babyface to carry RAW on his own. Obviously WWE decided against that and sent Orton to SmackDown instead.

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  1. IrishJD says:

    WWE needs to realize they do NOT need John Cena as much as they think. The episodes without Cena faired very well from last year in the ratings department. I think Orton can carry RAW by himself but w/e either him or Cena to Smackdown work for me. Smackdown needs the stars desperately. Personally I would of rather have Cena go to Smackdown because he needs a change…whether a brand change, different title besides a world one or a Heel turn….We are all getting sick of “Super Cena go goody bop! Wham Pow, AA and Oh snap I won yet another match!” Ya’ll get my drift :).

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