Will The ‘TNA’ Name Be Dropped?, Scott Steiner’s Impact Wrestling Status

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Despite the company now being five days in the re-branding efforts of the company, there is actually a clash within TNA Wrestling officials whether the acronym and name of the company, Total Non-Stop Action (TNA), will be dropped with the re-branding efforts being official and the name of their flagship Spike TV program being renamed “Impact Wrestling”. I am told that many within the company are against dropping the letters as they took eight years to build the company and they’d have to start from scratch again, while others think that the letters “TNA” are hurting them in business decisions and they’d be more in favor of the name of the company being changed to “Impact Wrestling”.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Scott Steiner didn’t appear at last night’s Sacrifice pay-per-view against Matt Morgan despite the match being planned during the early set of tapings during the build to the pay-per-view is because Steiner is currently having financial disagreements with the company. Meltzer notes that they may be resolved at the tapings tonight or tomorrow in Orlando.

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