WrestleHeat.com Seeking WWE, TNA And/Or MMA Columnists

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Hi there, and thank you for being a viewer of WrestleHeat.com. Recently, I (Mike Norway) bought the website from the previous owner and rebooted it. WrestleHeat.com has been on-and-off the Internet since it debuted in 2005.

Considering the domain name, WrestleHeat.com, is pretty catchy and I was given the site with a quite a deal, I would have been foolish not to purchase the rights to it… and now I have. By the way, I, too, used to be a reporter for this site and how I got my start in the wrestling industry.

In building up the website, many popular names from within the wrestling industry were invited to be part of the re-birth of the site, including many news reporters and columnists.

However, as webmaster, I don’t just want to go after the established names, I also want to introduce new names that I am sure are eager to post what is on their minds for thousands of viewers to read. Specifically, I am looking for wrestling columnists who could post, at the very least, a weekly blog/editorial/column on anything and everything wrestling. Whether you want to talk about WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, indy wrestling or you want to post separate columns on each WWE, TNA or ROH TV shows, or you want to mix a little of everything in one blog, I will leave that up to you.

I am also looking for someone to give their thoughts, predictions and/or reviews on MMA — whether it is Strikeforce, UFC, or what have you, that is also up to you, too.

Finally, I am seeking a MMA news reporter — someone to give the latest MMA news, results, etc.

As you can see, I am very flexible in the positions open.

I encourage you to e-mail me a webmaster@WrestleHeat.com and we can further talk about one or many positions that you can fill. This site is going to be for you, the visitors, so if you have any other suggestions, comments, etc on what other role you could play in the website or would like to see on the website, please e-mail me and we could discuss it further.

Thank you.