WWE ’12 Online Problems, Natalya Talks About Popularity Of Game Backstage

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— WWE Diva Natalya recently spoke to Complex.com to talk about the popularity of the new WWE ’12 video game among the roster. “I’ll tell you one thing, with today’s Divas and Superstars, there are a few things that are very prevalent in our locker rooms: protein shakes, iPads, and video games. With WWE ’12, that is no different,” she said.

“You know that Kofi Kingston is going to be obsessed playing this game. You know that Tyson Kidd is going to be literally up until five in the morning playing the game. He’ll probably miss his flight. You know Randy Orton is and The Big Show will be playing. I just know so many of them that are so excited, personally, for the game to come out. I think that this game, WWE ’12, is going to exceed everybody’s wildest expectations and leave them wanting more.”

— Speaking of WWE ’12 employees of THQ have been working on solving several problems that have plagued the online live service since the release. “Guys, we’re doing literally everything we can at the moment. We’re seeing some improvements for a few, but we won’t stop till perfect,” one rep wrote.