WWE Acknowledges CM Punk ‘Invading’ Comic Con

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Despite CM Punk not directly being referred to on television this past Monday night on RAW, aside from by John Cena, CM Punk is currently the top story on WWE.com’s website, talking about how he “invaded” Comic Con this past Thursday in San Diego while Triple H was on the stage. Obviously, at this point, it is completely obvious that the storyline of Punk “leaving” WWE is part of the ongoing storyline, but after being left in the dark on RAW Monday night, it seems odd that WWE is covering him as if he is currently a star on their roster, which he is, but not within the realm of the storyline.

It is especially interesting that they’re covering it as a top story as Punk “invaded” the Comic Con and took shots at Triple H, who is currently leading WWE as per the current WWE storyline that unfolded on RAW. In addition to the story, they added “uncut footage” of the incident, including shots of CM Punk and Triple H’s facial reactions as they spoke. The article is selling the publication of the article because they were “granted permission by WWE executives” to show the footage shot by a WWE camera-person from San Diego.

2 Responses to “WWE Acknowledges CM Punk ‘Invading’ Comic Con”

  1. knowitall says:

    WWE better hurry up and wrap up the CM Punk storyline quickly.  It’s definitely the best pro wrestling angle since the Attitude era…the kind of angle that has fans of every pro wrestling promotion lured in….but now that it’s been revealed to have been a scripted storyline the whole time, the longer they stretch it out the more lame it’s going to become.  Don’t waste the best angle in 20 years WWE…end it now while it’s still respectable.

  2. SilentReaper says:

    They cheer Punk like i Cheer punk cause the fans the fans who grew up on the attitude era and even the fans now who dont like bullshit, are tired of the modern day hulk hogan bullshit that is John cena, Tired of the idiotic goof characters like santino and horn swaggle tired of bullshit matches like king vs Cole…WTF was that shit seriously?. WWE used to be an amazing story line on story line that were epic and entertaining now every week its the same old bullshit cena wins and over comes the current bad guy with his shoulder tackle x2 back body drop you cant see me and his finisher every god damn time. and smackdown…that roster is more shitty then NXT….if the company took the time to realize the kids are gonna grow up and get sick of his shit then maybe they would stop force feeding us BULLSHIT!

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