Recent WWE Attendance Figures, Promotion Faking Appearances By Many Legends

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A wrestling promotion in Kinshasa in The Congo of Africa is advertising a show on October 23rd with Batista, Bill Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Team 3D, Nathan Jones, Luke Gallows and MVP. They’re calling the show “Rumble in the Jungle II”, a play off the Muhammad Ali vs. George Foreman fight that took there decades ago. Obviously none of these talents will be appearing on the show.

Here are some updated WWE attendance figures with new information: the RAW tapings on May 16th in San Antonio, Texas drew 11,031 fans for $392,075; the SmackDown tapings on May 24th in Spokane, Washington drew 3,592 fans for $125,715; the WWE Capitol Punishment PPV in Washington, DC drew 9,850 fans for $684,115; the SmackDown tapings on June 28th in Phoenix, Arizona drew 5,331 fans for $223,389.

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