WWE Bans CM Punk Chants At RAW, Punk Comments On WWE Title Tournament

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According to a correspondent at tonight’s WWE RAW taping from Green Bay, Wisconsin, announcer Justin Roberts told the crowd in attendance that “by order of WWE management, there is to be no CM Punk chants”. Punk’s name has been very minimally used on tonight’s show, if any, to sell last night’s angle that he left the company with the WWE Championship.

In addition, the correspondent in attendance told us that during commercial breaks, fans have been chanting “CM Punk”, and Vince McMahon has come out more than once saying, “CM Punk my ass! You people suck!” As noted previously, CM Punk is currently in Chicago in attendance for the Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. He has posted various images throughout the evening of him holding the WWE Championship and posing with fans. Regarding news of the current tournament to crown a new champion, Punk tweeted, “New champ? How can that be, when the champ is…here”

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  1. Grant Connelly says:

    My name is grant Connelly since triple h is now wwe chairman he will bring back jeff hardy to wwe as number 1 contender for wwe champion return at extreme rules 2012

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