WWE Bar Incident Over WrestleMania Weekend, Jim Ross’ WWE Return, Austin

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Jim Ross wrote on Twitter that he didn’t find out about returning to RAW on Monday night until that evening at 6pm, three hours before RAW hit the air.

Regarding the fallout from Monday’s WWE Tough Enough premiere, Steve Austin wrote the following on Twitter about Melina and Alicia Fox: “let me bottom line something right now–i meant no disrespect to Melina or Alicia on TE. both women are class acts and hard workers. cheers.”

There were reportedly hotel bar incidents with Matt Hardy and the WWE Tough Enough crew in Atlanta this past weekend for WrestleMania. We have no details yet but obviously they can’t do anything to Hardy but there may be some repercussions for the Tough Enough cast. One source says if a main roster WWE star had done some of the things they did, they might have been released if they were low enough on the roster.

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