WWE Being Sued By 18 Year Old Over 2000 PPV Incident

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WWE is being sued once again. This time, the lawsuit is being filed by an 18 year old. The man states that he was injured during the Judgment Day pay per view in 2000. The injury allegedly happened during the Iron Man match between Triple H and the Rock, now an actor known by his real name of Dwayne Johnson. The Kentucky native states that he was injured when Rock and HHH brawled in the crowd. The lawsuit states that a series of event took place after they came into the crowd. It ended with him being trampled by an older woman, who was trying to get out of the way.

The plaintiff also states that he recently required knee surgery in order to alleviate the pain from that night. Since the injury took place while the plaintiff was 7 years old, many are questioning the timing of the lawsuit. However, the law states that there is no time frame for the lawsuit to take place since he was a minor at the time of the incident.

WWE has yet to respond to the lawsuit, which should not come as a surprise. The company’s legal department is more than likely already on the case.

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2 Responses to “WWE Being Sued By 18 Year Old Over 2000 PPV Incident”

  1. Betty S. says:

    If the 18 year old had been watching wrestlin before, which I know he has, he should have known that sometimes the wrestlers go into the stands…And I’m sure he didn’t think of the lawsuit himself..Just sayin So I don’t think he should be suing!

  2. Kyle Fitta says:

    The old woman laid the smackdown on his candy ass.

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