WWE Capitol Punishment Results: ‘President Obama’ Appears Backstage

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We go backstage, and with the theme of the show being “patriotic” in nature with the Capitol-looking set, red, white and blue ring ropes, etc, “Barack Obama” and his “Secret Service” appear backstage, clearly being an impersonator and not the real President. Sgt. Slaughter walks up and “Obama” cracks a joke about what he called “Obamacare”, despite it being a negative word coined by the Republicans.

Vickie Guerrero walks up and says she’s so happy that Dolph is the new US Champion that she wants to sing to “Obama”. Vickie starts singing Happy Father’s Day to the fake Obama and blows him a kiss, trying to be Marilyn Monroe. Obama has the Secret Service carry Vickie off as she’s still singing. Slaughter thanks “Obama”.

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