WWE Champion To Be Crowned On RAW Tonight – Details

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WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon announced at the start of Monday’s RAW that a new WWE champion to be crowned tonight. An 8-man tournament will be held tonight to decide the champion. The following eight matches will be as following: Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger vs R-Truth, Kofi Kingston vs Alberto Del Rio, and Alex Riley vs the Miz. The following is the results for the opening segment of tonight’s RAW:

Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with the normal intro video. We go right to the arena and out comes Vince McMahon to a mixed reaction from the Green Bay crowd. Vince has John Laurinaitis with him and they make their way to the ring. The crowd chants for CM Punk as we see the WWE roster backstage watching on a TV. Vince says you will never hear him say that man’s name again. He says that man is the biggest ingrate in WWE history. Vince says that man walked out on all of the fans, the locker room and anyone who has ever been in the ring. Vince says that man is an egotistical, selfish turd. Vince says nobody is bigger than WWE – Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, nobody. Vince puts over WWE as a company and says it cannot be stopped. Vince says we will crown a new WWE Champion tonight.

An eight-man tournament is announced. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rey Mysterio, R-Truth vs. Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston vs. Alberto Del Rio and Alex Riley vs. The Miz is announced by Vince. Vince points out that John Cena is not in the tournament. The crowd boo’s Cena’s name. Vince says he will boo Cena too because he let him down. Vince warned Cena before the match that there would be severe consequences if he lost to Punk. Vince says after consulting with Laurinaitis, there will be severe consequences tonight. Vince says tonight will be a night we always remember. No Chance starts back up as Vince and Laurinaitis, who is sporting a shiner, leave the ring.

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