New WWE Champions Crowned At SummerSlam In LA

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Alberto Del Rio is the new WWE Champion after defeating the former Champion, CM Punk, at tonight’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Moments after Punk won the WWE Title match against John Cena, Kevin Nash returned to WWE and laid Punk out. This brought out Del Rio, who cashed in Money in the Bank to become the new WWE Champion. A new bodyguard for Del Rio was discussed as far back as two months ago and it looks as if they have filled that role with Kevin Nash.

For those of you who didn’t see it, Punk’s win over John Cena also came in controversial fashion as Cena’s foot was on the ropes and special referee Triple H didn’t see it.

3 Responses to “New WWE Champions Crowned At SummerSlam In LA”

  1. Ewenlyall says:

    kevin nash !!!!!

  2. Adub242 says:

    fap fap fap

  3. tjs says:

    Are u serious??? “MONEY IN THE BANK” pay per view???? Isn’t it supposed to be Summer Slam??

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