WWE Cracking Down On Parody Twitter Accounts, Buchanan On WWE Return

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— Former WWE wrestler Bull Buchanan, who recently returned to WWE television two weeks ago, said the following about his cameo appearance in the “John Cena, this is your life” segment two weeks ago on RAW:

“[John Laurinaitis] called me and said they had an idea and asked if I was available, and I said shoot yeah, so they flew me up to Boston,” he told AftermathRadio on TheScore.com. It was a lot of fun, cause I got to meet some of the guys that I haven’t got a chance to meet. I got to hang out with some my buddies, Big Show, The Armstrongs, Teddy Long, Mark Henry. It was alot of fun man, a lot of fun.

— WWE is reportedly cracking down on Twitter accounts the parody their employees. One caveat is that they are only removing the profiles that pretend to be their superstars, not those that poke fun of them. For example, the Twitter account that pokes fun of the “dumb” Kelly Kelly is still up.