WWE Disappointed w/Sin Cara vs Sin Cara Match & Reaction To Walk-Out Angle

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WWE officials were disappointed at how the crowd reacted towards some of the bigger stars participating in the walkout angle, and the fact that two of the people the crowd reacted to the most were Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. It was considered a really bad sign when the announcers were perceived by the fans as bigger stars than the wrestlers.

Internally, there was a lot of second guessing the agents’ work in the Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara match at WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view because they were exchanging high spots in what was billed as a grudge match.

One Response to “WWE Disappointed w/Sin Cara vs Sin Cara Match & Reaction To Walk-Out Angle”

  1. Shad says:

    The already crappy HIAC crowd couldn’t give less of  a sh_t about the Sin Caras match because this storyline is NOT DEVELOPED. WWE thinks posting the story online is enough to further a story but it’s not. The stories need to be developed on TV. if they were disappointed in the match the WWE should sit them down and see what the problem was.Mistico and Hunico were not this bad in Mexico and FCW, respectivley. I bet those stupid lights and not seeing clear enough through the masks had something to do with it. and based on what’s gone on after the match, people still can’t care less.

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