WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Results: Opening Moments Of PPV

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Continue reading our ongoing coverage of tonight’s Elimination Chamber PPV by reading the results below and reading more results by clicking the links in the right sidebar. Thanks for joining WrestleHeat.com for our live coverage tonight!

A video package runs focusing on the road to Wrestlemania and how it is about to take an ugly turn featuring the Elimination Chamber. The video ends adding that tonight is “the last chance to headline Wrestlemania.”

A graphic opening hits welcoming us to WWE Elimination Chamber. We go live to the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. Michael Cole is the first to welcome us to the show.

Alberto Del Rio is out first to kick off the show. He gets on the microphone as he waits for his opponent, Kofi Kingston, to make his way down to the ring for the opening match of the pay-per-view.

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