WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Results: SmackDown! Chamber Match (Update 2)

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Continue reading our ongoing coverage of tonight’s Elimination Chamber PPV by reading the results below and reading more results by clicking the links in the right sidebar. Thanks for joining WrestleHeat.com for our live coverage tonight!

Drew goes to work on Edge now. Snap suplex by Drew for a 2 count. Drew goes for his finisher but Edge counters and takes him down. Back and forth action here. Kane goes down and Rey goes for 619. Kane ducks it and drops him and Edge with big boots. Kane throws Rey hard into the corner and into the ring post. Drew goes for his DDT on Kane but Kane backdrops him into Barrett. Edge and Kane collide and both go down. Big Show comes in next and takes everyone out. He hits Drew with a knockout punch. Show singles out Barrett next and Barrett tries dodging him. Show grabs Barrett by his neck and shoves him back through the glass of a pod. Show unloads on Barrett with huge chops to his chest. Show slams Wade into the steel then brings it in the ring. Show drops Wade with a knockout punch and pins him. Wade is eliminated.

Rey Mysterio is on a pod. Kane drops Big Show with a shot from the top. Edge comes down with a top rope shot also and gets 2 on Big Show. Drew comes over and hits the Futureshock DDT on Show but only gets a 2 count. Rey is still up on the pod. Rey leaps down and hits a seated senton on Show for a 2 count. Show ends up on the ropes. Rey hits 619 on Show. Edge spears Show. Kane takes out Edge and Rey. Kane signals for a chokeslam on Show. Kane chokeslams Big Show for the thre count. Big Show is eliminated. Kane chokeslams Drew and eliminates him also.

Edge and Rey get chokeslammed at the same time by Kane. Edge is dumped to the platform. Kane and Rey go at it with Rey dropping him with a DDT. 2 count for Rey. Rey with a dive on Kane and another 2 count. Rey comes off the ropes but gets grabbed by the throat. Rey counters and hits 619 on Kane. Rey goes up top but Kane catches him. Edge hits a double spear on Kane and Rey. Edge pins Kane and he is eliminated. Kane drops Edge with a big boot after he’s eliminated. Kane won’t leave the ring. He grabs Rey and chokeslams him. A chokeslam for Edge also. Kane finally leaves the Chamber as the crowd boo’s.

It’s down to Edge and Mysterio now. They both go down again. Rey counters a spear and rolls Edge up for a 2 count. Rey hits a springboard crossbody. Edge counters a pin and Rey kicks out. Rey counters again in the corner and hits his bulldog for a 2 count. Rey goes to the top but Edge fights him. Rey knocks Edge back to the mat. Rey jumps onto Edge’s shoulders. Edge counters with a sitdown powerbomb and a 2 count. Rey counters now and drops Edge onto the ropes. Rey goes for 619 but Edge catches his legs. Edge applies a crab variation submission hold. Rey rolls out and gets a 2 count on Edge. Edge readies for a spear. Rey ducks and Edge hits the corner. Edge comes right back and nails the spear on Rey. Rey kicks out at 2.

They get to their feet. Rey kicks Edge and drops him for 619. Rey hits it this time. Rey hits the springboard splash but only gets a 2 count. Rey counters Edge yet again and hits 610 again. Rey goes to the top now. Edge catches him in mid-air with a spear for the pin and the win.

Winner: Edge

– After the match, Edge is recovering when Alberto Del Rio runs down. Del Rio attacks Edge and lays him out. Officials try to stop him as he locks on the armbar finisher on Edge. Edge is tapped out as Christian’s music hits! Christian runs to the ring and takes Del Rio down. Edge unloads on Del Rio with right hands. Christian takes his coat off and repeatedly kicks Del Rio. Christian continues the assault on Del Rio. Referees hold him back but Christian breaks through. Christian hits the Killswitch on Del Rio and lays him out. Christian’s music hits as he heads to the back, staring at Del Rio in the Chamber. We go to replays. Edge raises his World Title and looks down at Del Rio before exiting the Chamber.

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